My IncrediMail Letters

Well, I must say thank you to ET Friends for giving the courage and support to download and learn IncrediMail! 

I will be adding creations as fast as I can make them and I hope to offer a huge variety.  Please DO NOT alter the images or claim them as your own. When I know who the artist is, I will naturally add the copyright and all I ask is that you NOT remove the copyright.  Otherwise, artists may not give us permission anymore. It is only fair, since it is their hard work that we are using.

The previews will be smaller than the original of course, just click on the preview to download the letter in zip form. Unzip them to a folder, then click on . This will install the letter for you. 

These are IncrediMail letters and can't be used in Outlook or Outlook Express.  You need the FREE IncrediMail program...
All previews are 50% of original size.



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